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Karen Lubbers & Moses Lubber-Odel

Weekly Offering

Karen Lubbers & Moses Lubber-Odel - Uganda Mission

Bethel Church supports Karen Lubbers & Moses Odel, a married couple serving as missionaries in Uganada. They are involved in Men’s and Women’s Fellowship groups, training church leaders and school teachers in Bible, creative teaching techniques, lesson planning, crafting, and equipping them with Sunday school materials. They also conduct worship and music ministry, as a means of discipleship amongst young people and the worship leaders. Additionally, they walk alongside a Sports Ministry team that is seeking to use sports as a means of sharing the Gospel with kids and teens. Karen and Moses also assist a ministry that reaches out to boys living on the streets, addicted to glue and airline fuel. They regularly speak at youth conferences, kids’ camps, and school assemblies.

Florence Mayapi, and Lianti in traditional Lozi outfits


If you enjoyed today's service please consider supporting Bethel Church by making a one time or regular offering. Your offering supports the operation of Bethel and all its ministries including today's livestream service. This includes staffing and maintaining the Bethel Church. Running programs including: Coffee Break, GEMS, Cadets, Youth Group, Small Groups, VBS.
Thank you for considering our request.

Rescue Volunteers standing on the remains of a collapsed building

World Renew - Türkiye and Syria Earthquake Response & Relief

On the morning of February 6th, two powerful earthquakes and hundreds of aftershocks rocked south-eastern Türkiye, near the Syrian border, killing thousands of people as they slept, injuring thousands more, and reducing five-storey buildings to piles of rubble. One of the hardest hit regions in Syria is in the north of the country where millions have already been enduring the hardships of the ongoing civil war, including families in refugee camps on both sides of the Syria-Türkiye border.

The deacons had set up a special offering on Sunday, February 19, for World Renew’s response to this disaster. World Renew is currently assessing the needs to determine how best to share Christ’s hope with the most vulnerable people impacted by this disaster. If you still wish to give to this cause, you still can do so, just mark your donate as "Türkiye and Syria Earthquake". You can give online or using church envelopes. Thank you for your generosity. - Türkiye and Syria

Praying for Ukraine - two hands around a Ukraine Heart shaped flag

World Renew Ukrainian Crisis Response

World Renew is working with global networks in the region to respond to the needs of vulnerable families impacted by the war in Ukraine.


Note: Please mark clearly on either your online donation or church envelope, the cause and the amount. We hope that you will prayerfully consider both these critical responses. Thank you for your generous giving!

Giving can be done in the following ways:


E-transfer should be sent to In the comments please include: Envelope # or name, and designation to Ministry Budget, weekly offering cause, or loan reduction. If no designation is given, the entire amount will go towards the Ministry Budget.

Pre-Authorized Debit

an easy to set up monthly debit from your bank account to support the Ministry Budget, with the option to also support weekly causes. Simply fill in the PAD form and mail it to the church office. You can also scan and send it to the church office --


CanadaHelps (Ministry Budget is called General Operating Fund)


You can mail your donation to Bethel CRC - P.O. Box 369, Acton, ON L7J 2M6